• About the Joint BA-MS Program

    This program is jointly sponsored by Yeshiva College, Stern College for Women and the Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration. As an undergraduate, you can take graduate-level courses toward your master's degree.

    Students may take a maximum of 12 credits at Azrieli until they earn their BA degrees. These credits may count toward both the undergraduate and graduate degrees as well as toward the the Stern College for Women 84 credit undergraduate residency requirement. Graduate courses are included in your tuition cost if you are a full-time student registered for at least 12 credits at the undergraduate level.


    The purpose of the BA/MS Program is to prepare highly qualified Jewish educators for teaching positions in Jewish day schools and yeshivot across the country. The program offers candidates a unique opportunity to earn a bachelor's and master's degree in an expeditious yet rigorous manner.


    Students must inform the undergraduate registrar when they receive their grade(s). Grades in graduate courses taken to meet undergraduate requirements will be included in the undergraduate GPA and will be taken into account for awarding honors at graduation and for determining valedictorian.


    The tuition of full-time (12 credits) Stern students covers the cost of the graduate courses.

    A part-time Stern student will be charged undergraduate per-credit charges for the undergraduate courses and graduate per-credit charges for the graduate courses. Graduate tuition will be charged for Azrieli courses taken during the summer.


    Students are awarded the BA degree after completion of all BA requirements and an MS upon completion of the graduate program. Students must apply for the BA degree through the office of the undergraduate registrar and for the MS degree through the office of the graduate registrar.

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