• Honors

  • Obligations

    Students admitted to the Honors Programs have certain obligations additional to those of regular students at Yeshiva University. Some of these obligations govern entry into the program, some are requirements for graduation from the program and some are requirements for maintaining the academic scholarship offered by the program. 


    All scholarship offers are contingent on students abiding by the following prior to matriculation:

    •  Students informing the Office of Admissions of plans for every semester, whether enrolling on campus, deferring admissions, participating in the Israel Program, or taking a leave of absence. 
    •  Students not enrolling at any other college or university
    •  Students awarded Distinguished Scholarships ($20,000 a year or more) must defer their on-campus studies in full-year increments only and must matriculate in a Fall semester.


     On Campus Requirements to Maintain Academic Scholarships

    All students must maintain good academic standing as defined by Yeshiva University and:

    •  full-time status
    •  a 3.6 GPA; students who fall below will develop strategies for success with an academic advisor. Students with GPAs below 3.6 should be aware that their scholarship will be maintained at the discretion of the program
    •  Students must progress through their respective programs. The criteria for graduation can be found on a program’s website or in its handbook, but all students must meet the following minimum requirements:     
    • Students in the S. Daniel Abraham Honors Program at Stern College for Women must
      •  attend five Honors events each semester 
      •  complete a minimum of five Honors courses during their undergraduate careers and complete the Senior Project 1 & 2 sequence  
    •  Students in the Jay and Jeanie Schottenstein Honors Program at Yeshiva College must
      •  complete Honors sections of First Year Writing and First Year Seminar
      •  take at least two Honors courses each academic year
    •  Students in the Sy Syms Business Honors and Entrepreneurial Leadership Program must
      •   complete a minimum of six honors courses, of which at least three must be Syms honors courses and at least two must be honors courses at YC or SCW
      •  complete Entrepreneurial Leadership Seminar during their junior year
      •  complete an honors internship or honors entrepreneurial project during the summer before their senior year

    Transferring Between Programs

    • Students admitted to an Honors Program may request to transfer to another Honors Program on the same campus.
    • Transfers can occur at the beginning or end of any semester and before matriculation
    • Students requesting transfer should meet with the directors or appointed academic advisors  of both programs and write a 250-300 word statement describing their reason for transfer
    • Students who meet the original admissions criteria for both programs (a high school GPA of 90 and SAT of 1400 or ACT of 32) may retain their scholarships while switching programs.
    • Students who do not meet the original admissions criteria for the program they are switching to will receive a scholarship of $5,000 a year in place of their previous award.



    Graduation Requirements


     Each honors program has its own set of graduation requirements. To learn more:

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