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    The program offers a full array of classical Judaic courses in areas ranging from Bible and Hebrew to Talmud, Jewish philosophy, Halacha [Jewish law] and Jewish history.

    Classes meet from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Monday through Thursday. Students transfer 3 credits to either Yeshiva College or Syms School of Business. These credits represent a cumulative grade of their work in IBC. Students may take a series of electives beyond the required IBC courses, leading to an Associate of Arts degree upon graduation.

    Students can elect to take any courses in IBC, from Jewish Philosophy and Jewish History to Talmud and Halacha in any given semester (with the exception of first year students, who must take the First Year Seminar).

    IBC students can choose to take courses that also fulfill their Jewish Studies requirements for Yeshiva College and the Sy Syms School of Business in IBC. Alternatively, they may take these courses after 1:00 PM if they so choose. Please check the IBC schedule closely to see which courses can be used to fulfill YC or SSSB requirements. Please note that the requirements also differ slightly between YC and SSSB.


    Yeshiva College Jewish Studies Requirements
    Sy Syms Jewish Studies Requirement


    Degree Requirements for Associate of Arts (AA)

    ·         Course and credit requirements: Successful completion of the courses required of all students as listed above plus twelve additional courses distributed as follows: one semester of BIB and eleven more elective courses chosen from JHI, JPH, JUD, and TAL.

    ·         Residence requirement: Full-time residency at Isaac Breuer College for at least four semesters.

    ·         Grade requirement: A minimum cumulative average of 2.0

    ·         Administrative requirements: The prior or simultaneous receipt of a BA or BS degree from yeshiva College or the SYMS School of Business. Each student must have filed an application for degree during the registration period of the semester in which he completes all requirements.

    Course Handouts
    Rabbi Allen  Schwartz


                                 Introduction to Parshat Mishpatim                                   

                                        Course Packet for Great Bilblical Personalities 5776     



                                         Course Packet for Introduction to Bible (2013-2014)(PDF) 
                                        Course Packet for Intro to Bible- Supplementary (PD)

                                        Course Packet for Iyov (PDF)

                                        Course Packet for Isaiah (PDF)

                                        Course Packet for Isaiah- Supplementary (PDF)

                                        Course Packet for Jeremiah (PDF)                                   
                                        Course Packet for Chaggai-Zechariah-Malachi   (PDF)

                                        Course Packet for Five Megilloths  (PDF)

                                        Sources for Five Megilloths  (PDF)
                                        Source Packet for Samuel 1 
                                        Sources for Shmuel II 
                                        Sources for Shir HaShirim

                                        Sources for Kohelet

                                        Sources for Seven Minor Prophets         

                                       Source Packet for Tehillim

    Rabbi Zev Reichman: Course Packet for Tanya (PDF)


    Required Texts

    Talmidim are required to purchase the Talmudic Tractate that their shiur [lecture] is learning. These can be purchased at any local Seforim store as well online here.

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