• MS in Speech-Language Pathology

  • Course Requirements

    Sixty-six (66) credits of coursework are required for the MS degree. Students must complete coursework in the sequence offered.

    Prerequisite undergraduate courses:

    • Introduction to Speech-Language Pathology (3cr) is a prerequisite to CSD5000
    • Phonetics of American English (3cr) is a prerequisite to CSD6100
    • Introduction to Language Acquisition (3cr) is a prerequisite to CSD6400
    • Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech and Hearing Mechanism (3cr) is a prerequisite to CSD6000
    • Introduction to Audiology (3cr) is a prerequisite to CSD6500
    • Speech Science (3cr) is a prerequisite to CSD6100 and CSD6000
    • Hearing Science (3cr) is a prerequisite to CSD6500
  • Year 1
  • Fall Year 1

    Semester 1
    CSD5000 Introduction to clinical speech-language pathology-1cr
    CSD6000 Anatomy and physiology of the speech/vocal mechanism-3cr
    CSD6001 Lab: Anatomy and physiology of the speech/vocal mechanism-1cr
    CSD6100 Acoustics and psycholinguistics-3cr
    CSD6400 Child language development and usage-3cr
    CSD6500 Audiology for SLP-3cr
    CSD6501 Lab: Audiology for SLP-1cr
    CSD5100 Professional issues/topics in SLP: Level 1-1cr
    Total – 16 credits

    Spring Year 1

    Semester 2
    CSD6410 Child language disorders-3cr
    CSD6110 Neuromotor speech disorders-3cr
    CSD6200 Voice disorders-3cr
    CSD6300 Pediatric swallow and airway-2cr
    CSD5300 Diagnostic methods in SLP-2cr
    CSD5200 Externship in SLP: Level 1-1cr
    CSD5201 SLP clinical case conferences: Level 1-0cr
    Total – 14 credits

    Summer Year 1

    Semester 3
    CSD6120 Syndromes and craniofacial anomalies-3cr
    CSD6210 Alaryngeal speech and management of head/neck cancer-2cr
    CSD6310 Geriatric dysphagia and airway management-3cr
    CSD5210 Externship in SLP: Level 2-1cr
    CSD5211 SLP clinical case conferences: Level 2-0cr
    Total – 9 credits

  • Year 2
  • Fall Year 2

    Semester 4
    CSD6430 Cognitive and higher level language disorders-3cr
    CSD6420 Aphasia rehabilitation-3cr
    CSD5400 Communicating with patients and families-3cr
    CSD6600 Research methods and critical assessment of the literature-3cr
    CSD5110 Professional issues/topics: Level 2-1cr
    CSD5220 Externship in SLP: Level 3-1cr
    CSD5221 SLP clinical case conferences: Level 3-0cr
    Total – 14 credits

    Spring Year 2

    Semester 5
    CSD6130 Stuttering and related fluency disorders-3cr
    CSD6510 Speech/Language for hearing impaired-3cr
    CSD6440 Augmentative and alternative communication-3cr
    CSD5500 Master clinician observations-1cr
    CSD5100 Professional issues/topics: Level 3-1cr
    CSD5230 Externship in SLP: Level 4-1cr
    CSD5231 SLP clinical case conferences: Level 4- 0cr
    CSD7000 Capstone project-1cr
    Total – 13 credits

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