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    General Prehealth Orientation--This PP presentation will provide an overview of the things you should be doing now to lay the groundwork for your application.  



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    For students in their first and second years of undergraduate school beginning a pre-health track, there are many things you can do now to make the application process go more smoothly as you reach your junior and senior years. The document below is divided into chapters which provide useful information on transcripts, letters of recommendation, volunteering and other aspects of applying. There are significant changes to the 2015 MCAT exam. Please be sure to review the new requirements and other changes on the site below.  

    Welcome : A message from Mrs. Lolita Wood-Hill, Director, Pre-Health Advisement      

    The Basics: An overview of what you should do now to lay the foundation for your application to medical or dental school.
    Your Pre-Health Team  : Beyond the Pre-Health Advising Office, there are a number of different sources around YU to help you through the process from beginning to end.
    What Medical And Dental Schools Are Looking For:   Acceptance to Medical, dental, osteopathic and other health related schools rely heavily on quantitative numbers such as GPA (both overall and science) and MCAT/DAT scores. However, this is not the whole picture. They also take into consideration many non-tangible traits as listed below. The pre-health Office will discuss the following traits in the Committee letter transmitted to the schools on your behalf. 
    Your Pre-Health Application Profile:   See how you rank in the areas that medical and dental schools consider the most important. 
    Self Assessment  : What are the "X factor" variables to consider and where do you stand?
    Your Options  : There are many other paths besides the typical MD-program, such as Physical Therapy and Physician Assistant.
    DO vs. MD  : The numbers you need to know when deciding between an MD and DO program. 
    Guide for Pre-Dental Students  : Although much of the application process is similar for all pre-health students, this chapter highlights some unique differences pre-dental students should be aware of. 
    Required Pre-Health Courses  : Regardless of your major, these are the courses which medical, dental, osteopathic or any other health related graduate program expects.        
    Pre-Health Clubs: Joining one of the Yeshiva pre-health clubs offers valuable opportunities to meet other pre-health students and to show leadership abilities.  
    Professional Experience: An overview of "wet lab" and other clinical experience which are a vital part of the application.        
    Volunteer Opportunities  : A list of local area hospitals and clinics where Yeshiva students can find volunteer opportunities to strengthen their overall application. This is important for both pre-medical and pre-dental students.
    Guidelines for Writing Letters of Recommendation--Helpful guidelines for faculty and others writing letters of recommendation.

     Letters Of Recommendation:   It's never too early to start compiling letters of recommendation. This chapter explains how, why and how many.        
    The Roth Scholarship:   A summer research program at Albert Einstein School of Medicine for students completing their junior year.   
    Mini-Medical (MMI) Interviews: Learn about this new style of interview, incdluing which schools are using it.      
    MCAT Preparation:   What you should know now about taking the Medical College Admissions Test. (Pre-dental students take the Dental Admissions Test, covered in the section on "Guide for Pre-Dental Students.)        
    2015 MCAT Exam:   Be sure to review this booklet for changes to the MCAT exam staring in 2015.         
    MD/MPh Programs:   Information for students planning a joint MD/PhD degree.        
    Helpful Websites:   These links provide other important information.      
    GPA Calculator :  Use this link to determine your BCMP (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math) GPA 


    The Heights Initiative-For several years, The Heights Initiative has overseen many student-led efforts to build a mutually beneficial relationship between Yeshiva University and the broader Washington Heights community. The student organizations that make up the Heights Initiative include College EDge, the YU Literacy Program, Project START! Science, The President's Circle Tutoring Program, and the Swab-a-Cheek Initiative, and the Equity Project Tutoring Program. The Heights Initiative receives a grant from the city council to help fund its outreach efforts. 


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