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    For your office or department to meet Level 2 of the YU Green Office Program the following steps need to be met:



    Prerequisite: Meet Level 1


    • All desk lamps use CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs).
    • During extreme hot or cold weather, all windows are closed tightly.
    • Screen Savers are not used to save additional energy.



    • The office purchases minimum 30% recycled paper for printing and copying.
    • The office does not purchase individual bottles of water, (ie 8 – 20 oz bottles).
    • 10 -30% reduction of individual printers used within the office. The following are questions that can help you eliminate unnecessary printers:
      Are you more than 50- 70 feet from a network printer?
      Does your individual printer double side?
      Are you printing extremely confidential material?

    Waste Management

    • Individual paper recycling bins have been provided for each work space.
    • IT was invited to provide printing waste management settings: the banner page has been eliminated for printing and reduced paper margins (.75 inch margins or less) as a default for Microsoft Office Program Word.
    • The office has a reusable bag for all to use when going shopping.
    • The office has contacted media and catalog distributors to receive fewer publications.
    • We have a supply closet/ area to encourage the sharing of office equipment that can be reused.


    • The office has a section of the office bulletin board for tips and green practices, events, etc.
  • Already meeting the Level 2 steps and ready to make your office or department an official Level 2 Green Office?

    Have your office fill out this form (PDF) and return it to the Office of Energy & Sustainability.

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