• James Striar School and Mechinah Program for Women

  • Live and learn in a Jewish community committed to traditional values and contemporary thought while obtaining a degree from a top research university.

    It's the best of both worlds—and something you can find only at Yeshiva University.

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    Our Mechinah Program for women and James Striar School for men offer you an engaging, inspiring and hands-on learning experience. Gain an extensive Jewish philosophical and text-based education as you earn a world-class degree from Yeshiva College, Stern College for Women or Syms School of Business.

    YU's philosophy of Torah Umadda means that you need never choose between the nobility of Jewish living and the highest levels of achievement in your secular pursuits.

    New: Please join us for July in Jerusalem, a unique and inspiring experience in Jewish living and learning led by faculty from Yeshiva University's Mechinah Program for women and James Striar School for men.

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    Do you want to:

    • Live and learn Jewishly?
    • Encounter 3,300 years of Jewish history and faith?
    • Acquire valuable skills?
    • Take intellectually challenging courses in an open, accepting and nonjudgmental environment?

    Whether you are a student or a parent, we are here to answer your questions, work with you and welcome you to the most vibrant Jewish community in North America.

    Remember: the Jewish community needs you!

  • A Student's Perspective

    Shera Sonenberg

    During my four years at Guilderland High School, my NCSY advisers mentioned the strength of Yeshiva University's dual curriculum. I wanted to enhance my Jewish education in a way that would stay with me forever, without compromising my secular studies. I chose YU for this reason.

    The Mechinah Program for women is amazing! It's created as a community within itself, and the teachers are very friendly and warm. They don't teach down to you or oversimplify, but help you learn the basics and prepare you to move on to higher level courses.

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