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    Now in its second century, Yeshiva University is the country's oldest and most comprehensive educational institution under Jewish auspices in America. It is an independent university that ranks among the nation's leading academic research institutions and, reflecting the time-honored tradition of Torah Umadda, provides the highest quality Jewish and secular education of any Jewish university in the world.

    In September 2003, Richard M. Joel was inaugurated as Yeshiva University's fourth president in its 117-year history, succeeding Norman Lamm, who had held the office since 1976. President Joel's two other predecessors were Bernard Revel, president from 1915 to 1940, and Samuel Belkin, who served from 1943 to 1975.

    Four Locations, One University

    Our students study at four locations: Wilf Campus (500 West 185th Street), Israel Henry Beren Campus (245 Lexington Avenue) and Brookdale Center (55 Fifth Avenue) in Manhattan, and the Jack and Pearl Resnick Campus in the Bronx (Eastchester Road and Morris Park Avenue).

    While part of a multifaceted University community, each school retains the intimate character of a smaller institution.

    A Faculty That Engages and Inspires

    Some of the world's leading minds make their home in Yeshiva University's classrooms. Beyond a commitment to research and writing, YU faculty members and roshei yeshiva [professors of Talmud] engage and inspire their students, drawing them into a continuing pursuit of knowledge and wisdom. They value close interactions with their students and the opportunity to engage with students outside the classroom setting, whether it's meeting informally to continue a discussion started in the classroom or collaborating in the laboratory on new research.

    Distinguished Alumni Near and Far

    YU alumni have gone on to become Nobel laureates, distinguished rabbinic leaders, world political leaders, business giants and philanthropists. Alumni have achieved immense success and made significant contributions to society and the Jewish community both nationally and worldwide. They serve, lead and inspire by example: a testament to the University's greatest resources—our students and faculty.

    Diverse Cultural Resources

    A creative and vital presence in the life of Yeshiva University and the general community, the Yeshiva University Museum, located at the Center for Jewish History in Chelsea, organizes and presents innovative exhibitions and programs on Jewish art and culture in a historical and contemporary context. Founded in 1973, the museum celebrates the culturally diverse intellectual and artistic achievements of more than 3,000 years of Jewish experience. Reflecting its diverse audiences, the museum also features lectures, films, concerts and multilingual exhibition tours in English, Hebrew, Spanish, Russian and Yiddish, bringing to life its mission to serve as a cultural arm of Yeshiva University

    Based at the Wilf Campus, the Michael Scharf Publication Trust of Yeshiva University Press publishes Torah scholarship and academic Jewish studies works by our faculty and alumni, as well as other distinguished rabbis, professors and Judaic scholars, both in North America and Israel. The University's schools and programs also issue many publications.

    Study in Israel

    For students who choose to begin their YU education in Israel, the Joint Israel Program is the formal arrangement between Yeshiva University and yeshivot and seminaries in Israel. This program provides structure, support and guidance for the more than 600 young men and women who study in Israel each year.

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  • YU and Our Communities

    Situated in one of the most vibrant cities of the world with unparalleled diversity, Yeshiva University is actively involved in its surrounding community, both at the uptown campus (Wilf) and the midtown campus (Beren).

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