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    Stern College for Women offers a Master of Arts in Biblical and Talmudic Interpretation, open to students with extensive backgrounds in advanced Jewish studies.

    Master of Arts in Biblical and Talmudic Interpretation

    The MA in Biblical and Talmudic Interpretation is offered by the Rebecca Ivry Department of Jewish Studies and presents a unique opportunity to experience advanced Jewish learning while earning an MA degree.

    The program consists of two tracks, one with an emphasis on Tanakh study and the other with an emphasis on Talmud. Each track requires two classes in the other discipline, with the remainder of the classes for the degree in the chosen field.

    The Tanakh track meets for two full days each week; the Talmud track meets for four days each week.


    Applicants for the MA degree must:

    • Hold a bachelor's degree or its equivalent from a recognized college or university and
    • Have a grade point average of at least B (3.0)

    Academic background should include documented evidence of Hebrew proficiency adequate for the required readings. In the absence of such evidence, a Hebrew reading test may be required as part of the admission process.

    Applicants for the BA-MA degree must have a grade point average of at least 3.4 at Stern College for Women and must be on the advanced level in Jewish studies.


    Students should apply at least three months prior to the semester in which they wish to be admitted.

    Applying Instructions and Application

    1. Fill out the application making sure that you cover every item including the term
    2. You must have one official copy of your transcript from each undergraduate and graduate school attended. If this application is submitted in the middle of the semester during which you are attending another school, do not wait until the end of the term to have the transcript sent; it should be sent and supplements should be requested upon completion of the term. Mail to:
      Rebecca Ivry Department of Jewish Studies
      Master of Arts in Biblical and Talmudic Interpretation
      Stern College for Women, Yeshiva University
      245 Lexington Avenue, Room 405
      New York, NY 10016
    3. Enter your name in the appropriate places on the letter of recommendation forms and send a copy to three (3) faculty members with whom you have studied. Have them complete and return the forms to the above address.
    4. Upon completion of the application (receipt of all supporting transcripts and documents), you may be invited to an interview.
    5. An application cannot be processed until all documents have been received by our school and all other requirements have been met.

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions:

    Download request for letter of recommendation (PDF).

Yeshiva University
500 West 185th Street
New York, NY 10033

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