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The CJF Mission

Our mission is to shape, enrich and inspire the contemporary Jewish community by convening the resources of Yeshiva University, and:

  • Infusing the student body with a spirit of leadership and a sense of responsibility to the Jewish people and society in general
  • Building, cultivating, and supporting communities, and their lay and rabbinic leaders
  • Creating a global movement that promotes the values of Yeshiva University


CJF Summer Programs 2014

Counterpoint Israel With support from: Ron Fisher and Lisa Rosenbaum / the Fisher Family Foundation, and the VIP Passover Yizkor Appeal. The Counterpoint Kiryat Malachi Program is dedicated in the memory of Dr. Bernard W. Gamson. The Dimona program is run with support Sharon and Avram Blumenthal. The Arad Program is run with support from the […]

Kohelet Fellowships Program Graduates Cohorts in Two Cities

A few weeks ago, Yeshiva University Center for the Jewish Future completed its third year inspiring day school parents through the Kohelet Fellowships.  As of this year, 28 day schools, 12 Preschools and over 1100 day school and preschool parents have participated in the Kohelet Fellowships program.  Participating communities have included Boca Raton, Philadelphia, Manhattan, […]

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Upcoming Events

August 25 & 28

Rabbinic Chomer Lidrush Conference Calls on Shemitta

September 2-4

Rabbinic Yarchei Kallah

October 29

Start of Women's Beit Midrash Fall 2014 Semester

November 10-11

Rebbetzin Esther Rosenblatt Yachei Kallah for Rebbetzins

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