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    Explore the numerous job, internship, research, volunteer, service and leadership opportunities available through YU offices, programs and resources. This page provides links and contact information as your first launching point for experiential learning on and off campus.

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  • Career Center

    Program/Resource: YU CareerLink
    Description: online database of jobs and internships available to YU students and alumni
    Website: www.yu.edu/career-center
    Contact: careercenter@yu.edu

    Center for the Jewish Future

    Program /Resource: Missions
    Description: multiple CJF missions: direct engagement in global communities
    Website: www.yu.edu/cjf/student-programming/ug/missions
    Contact: Aliza Abrams

    Program/Resource: CJF Summer Internship Programs
    Description: Students will spend their days involved in internships in a variety of fields developing their professional skills in significant internships that will catapult their future careers. At the same time, they will be fully immersed in some of North America’s most exciting Jewish communities, learning with community members, giving shiurim and volunteering in local organizations.
    Website: www.yu.edu/cjf/student-programming/undergraduate/summer-learning-internship-programs
    Contact: Aliza Abrams

    Program/Resource: Jewish Job Fair
    Description: the annual Jewish Job Fair sponsors a variety of professional opportunities at well-respected Jewish schools, organizations and nonprofits, and provides a robust networking forum for job hunters seeking information on everything from scholarships and internships to career development programming.
    Website: www.yu.edu/cjf
    Contact: Keren Simon

    Program/Resource: Avodat Hakodesh
    Description: This annual evening program is dedicated to creating a platform for YU students to learn from exceptional professionals in the field of Jewish education and Jewish community service work. This forum has carefully fashioned panels and lectures addressing fundamental issues in education, professional training and development and the unique needs of the Jewish community. The experts in these fields have volunteered their time to impart wisdom and knowledge from years of experience. The deans of the graduate schools will be available during dinner for students to discuss their future educational goals. This evening is also an opportunity for students returning from the experiential and service learning missions to take these experiences and discover various ways to engage in a meaningful and inspired life involved in the Jewish community.
    Website: www.yu.edu/cjf/student-programming/ug/events
    Contact: Lauren Elefant

    Program/Resource: Aaron and Blanche Schreiber Torah Tours
    Description: during the holiday celebrations of Simchat Torah and Shavuot, teams of four to six young men and women visit communities across the United States, Canada and Europe to teach Torah classes, lead singing and dancing, meet with synagogue youth and create a fun and spirited yom tov experience.
    Website: www.yu.edu/cjf/student-programming/ug/torah-tours
    Contact: Aliza Abrams

    Program/Resource: Counterpoint Israel
    Description: Counterpoint Israel is a five-week Jewish service-learning program run by Yeshiva University's Center for the Jewish Future, during which YU students travel to development towns in Southern Israel and run English summer camps for at-risk Israeli teenagers.
    Website: www.yu.edu/cjf
    Contact: Aliza Abrams

    Yeshiva University Institute for University-School Partnerships

    Program/Resource: YU School Internships
    Description: list of internship opportunities and application instructions for YU students interested in applying to internships in Jewish schools
    Website: www.yuschoolpartnership.org/teachers/teacher-career-development/229-other/1825-yu-school-internships
    Contact: Rabbi Maccabee Avishur

    Yeshiva University Student Councils–Student Life

    Contact: answers@yu.edu; 212.960.5411

    Program/Resource: Stern College for Women Student Council
    Sponsoring Organization/Dept.: Student Life (Beren)
    Description: The Stern College for Women Student Council, also known as SCWSC, serves the entire student body at the Yeshiva University Beren Campus. SCWSC offers a wide variety of events in order to cater to the diverse interests on campus. There are over 60 clubs: while the clubs and councils sponsor student-run programs, SCWSC also strives to unite the Beren Campus and build a community. Shabbatonim are held weekly; each Shabbat on campus is sponsored by different clubs. SCWSC is the voice of the students, creating and developing events and projects for which there is an interest.
    Website: www.yu.edu/student-life/student-organizations/councils/stern-college-women-student-council

    Program/Resource: Torah Activities Council
    Sponsoring Organization/Dept.: Student Life (Beren)
    Description: The Torah Activities Council, also known as TAC, is responsible for facilitating religious and spiritual growth for the Stern College for Women student body. By regularly bringing in scholars and educators from within Yeshiva University and from around the world, TAC strives to cater toward the spiritual needs of every student. There are over 20 diverse committees under TAC’s auspices as it strives to appeal to the entire student body.
    Website: www.yu.edu/student-life/student-organizations/councils/Torah-Activities-Council

    Program/Resource: Sy Syms School of Business Student Council (Stern)
    Sponsoring Organization / Dept.: Student Life (Beren)
    Description: The Sy Syms School of Business Student Council (SYMSSC) facilitates activities and events for Syms students. The SYMS Student Council plans career-related activities, networking opportunities as well as events that are simply fun. SYMSSC works closely with SCWSC and TAC to plan and co-sponsor University-wide events. SYMSSC sponsors over 15 clubs.
    Website: www.yu.edu/student-life/student-organizations/councils/syms-school-business-student-council-beren

    Program/Resource: Sy Syms School of Business Student Council (Wilf)
    Sponsoring Organization/Dept.: Student Life (Wilf)
    Description: The Sy Syms School of Business Student Council (SYMSSC) facilitates student involvement through workshops/clubs, speakers, networking opportunities and site visits. The council works with administration, faculty, staff and school committees to ensure that students feel free to express their ideas, interests and suggestions. SYMSSC sponsors a variety of clubs designed to promote student participation and enrichment and to encourage all students involvement. SYMSSC fosters improved student-faculty relationships in order to achieve its stated aims.
    Website: www.yu.edu/student-life/student-organizations/councils/syms-school-business-student-council-wilf

    Program/Resource: Yeshiva Student Union
    Sponsoring Organization/Dept.: Student Life (YC)
    Description: The Yeshiva Student Union (YSU) is the presiding body of student government, representing every student at Yeshiva University. The YSU board plans and implements school-wide events and promotes and enables club activities. The YSU board members serve as advocates for the entire undergraduate student body. In a University with a diverse student body, the YSU board aims to serve all groups within Yeshiva University fairly. In addition, the YSU board serves the various other boards on campus, maintaining open lines of communication and encouraging cooperation within the Student Council. The YSU board, along with the Student Council, acts as a liaison to the University administration.
    Website: www.yu.edu/student-life/student-organizations/councils/yeshiva-college

    Program/Resource: Yeshiva College Student Association
    Sponsoring Organization/Dept.: Student Life (YC)
    Description: The Yeshiva College Student Association (YCSA) represents the students of Yeshiva College. It aims to maximize the potential of each student by enhancing his experience at Yeshiva College and the Yeshiva University community. YCSA coordinates and encourages all student activities within the scope of Yeshiva College, providing for the promotion of students' interests. YCSA oversees more than 30 clubs, ranging from the Economics Club to the History Club, from the student publication Kol HaMevaser to the Student Holocaust Education Movement. Furthermore, YCSA works closely with the Yeshiva Student Union, Student Organization of Yeshiva and Syms School of Business Student Council, creating, planning and implementing University-wide events for all students to enjoy. Additionally, YCSA provides a voice for the students, working closely with the administration in all matters affecting the welfare of the student body.
    Website: www.yu.edu/student-life/student-organizations/councils/yeshiva-college-student-association

    Program/Resource: Student Organization of Yeshiva-Jewish Studies Council (SOY-JSC)
    Sponsoring Organization/Dept.: Student Life (YC)
    Description: The Student Organization of Yeshiva and Jewish Studies Council, also known as SOY-JSC, focuses on fulfilling the religious needs of Yeshiva University's Wilf Campus students. SOY-JSC is determined to fulfill its mission to create a comfortable Jewish environment filled with Torah learning and religious life on campus, as well as to serve the greater YU community and support Torah and religiously oriented activities. As representatives of a diverse student body—whether it's the JSS program, the IBC program, the SBMP program, the MYP program or RIETS—it's our goal to create a unified atmosphere of Torah and Jewish identity on campus.
    Website: www.yu.edu/student-life/student-organizations/councils/student-organization-yeshiva-jewish-studies-council

    Student Life Programs

    Program/Resource: Women’s Leadership Fellowship (Stern)
    Sponsoring Organization/Dept.: Student Life (Stern)
    Description: The Women’s Leadership Fellowship Program supports the development of the next generation of female leaders for the Jewish community. This fellowship caters to select students at Stern College who exhibit outstanding leadership initiative and qualities. The fellowship curriculum includes a plethora of female and male guest speakers who are distinct from one another both in terms of their backgrounds as well as in their various Jewish communal professional or lay roles.
    Website: www.yu.edu/student-life/new-to-yu/leadership-training-programs
    Contact: Suzy Schwartz; Natalie Taylor

    Program/Resource: Students Helping Students
    Description: Students Helping Students (SHS) is a student-driven effort that promotes awareness about the significant need for undergraduate scholarships and emphasizes the important role students play in the broader YU community today and as future alumni. SHS strives to make a Yeshiva University education accessible to all by engaging the student body in events and programs that will raise scholarship funds while laying a strong foundation for a long-term connection to the University.
    Website: www.yu.edu/student-life/new-to-yu/shs
    Contact: studentshelpingstudents@yu.edu

    Program/Resource: WYUR Student Radio
    Description: WYUR is a speaking platform for YU students to talk to the world about whatever they like, run by YU students. Thousands of students have had the opportunity to have an amazing time while on air and separate themselves in interviews while off the air.
    Contact: wyurradio@gmail.com

    Program/Resource: The Commentator Student Newspaper (Wilf)
    Description: a student-run University newspaper for the Wilf Campus
    Website: www.yucommentator.org
    Contact: CommentatorChief@gmail.com

    Program/Resource: The Observer Student Newspaper (Beren)
    Description: a student-run University newspaper for the Beren Campus
    Website: www.yuobserver.org
    Contact: scwobserver@gmail.com


    Program/Resource: Resident Adviser Opportunities (Men)
    Description: Resident advisers (RAs) are full-time undergraduate Yeshiva University juniors and seniors living in University housing. There is an RA responsible for each floor in housing. Students often stop by their RA's room to ask random questions as well as to address more serious topics. The RAs are creative program planners, as well as resources and advocates for the residents on their floors. They serve as vehicles in the development of the residence hall communities and deal with concerns of the students. The RAs also assist with daily, Shabbat and vacation duty coverage, planning monthly floor programs and administrative tasks associated with the operation of the entire University housing community.
    Website: www.yu.edu/student-life/housing/men/about-us/ra
    Contact: Office of University Housing and Residence Life: 646.592.4215 or wilfhousing@yu.edu

    Program/Resource: Resident Adviser Opportunities (Women)
    Description: see above.
    Website: www.yu.edu/student-life/housing/women/about-us/staff
    Contact: 212.340.7795 or berenhousing@yu.edu

    Academic Affairs

    Program/Resource: Research Opportunities for Stern Biology Students
    Sponsoring Organization/Dept.: Faculty
    Description: a resource list of undergraduate biology research internships (compiled by Dr. Harvey Babich, professor of Biology, Stern College)
    Website: www.yu.edu/stern/ug/biology/resources
    Contact: Dr. Harvey Babich

    Program/Resource: Pre-law Internships
    Sponsoring Organization/Dept.: Pre-law Advising
    Description: YU students can pursue the opportunity to apply for a broad variety of prestigious law-related internships with city, state and federal court systems; prominent nonprofit organizations; and affiliated agencies. Please see the "Pre-Law Internship Brochure" from the Office of Academic Advising for details.
    Website: Pre-Law Internship Brochure (PDF)
    Contact: Ariella Hellman, Esq., 212.960.5400 ext. 5645; ariella.hellman@yu.edu

    Program/Resource: Credit-bearing Business Internships
    Sponsoring Organization/Dept.: Syms Academic Advising
    Description: New option: Seforim Sale management course: a 4-credit, 2-semester course in which students will have lectures in the fall and then manage the Seforim Sale in the spring.
    Contact: Professor Claire Zakheim, zakheim@yu.edu; 212.960.5400 ext. 5544; 215 Lexington Avenue, Suite 318, 917.326.4974

    Program/Resource: Credit-bearing Internships
    Sponsoring Organization/Dept.: YC Academic Advising
    Description: Students seeking to obtain academic credit for internship experiences may do so after meeting all eligibility criteria, obtaining approval from academic advising and submitting any necessary forms/fees (where applicable). For details, please visit the academic advising page.
    Website: www.yu.edu/academic-advising/undergraduate-men/intern
    Contact: Stu Halpern, 212.960.5400 ext. 5720; shalpern@yu.edu

    Human Resources

    Program/Resource: Employment and Internship Positions at YU
    Sponsoring Organization/Dept.: Human Resources
    Description: Students and job seekers interested in obtaining full-time, part-time, work-study, temporary or faculty positions as well as internship opportunities at Yeshiva University can search and apply for positions on the University's Career Opportunity website. To learn about the benefits of working at YU, visit the Human Resources page at www.yu.edu/hr.
    Website: www.careers-yeshiva.icims.com/jobs/intro?hashed=0
    Contact: careers@yu.edu

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