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    Applying to Undergraduate Programs


    The 2016 Online Application will be available on August 15, 2015

      2015 Application (pdf)  


    Candidates for General Admissions may apply at any time after completion of their junior year in high school. Students should apply no later than February 1 of their senior year of high school.

    Application Details: In order for any application to be considered complete for the Admissions Committee to review, the Office of Admissions must receive all items on the checklist.

    High school juniors with a superior scholastic record who are interested in enrolling at Yeshiva University prior to obtaining a high school diploma may apply to our Early Admissions Program.

    Non-U.S. citizens applying to Yeshiva University should review the additional requirements for International Applicants.

    Transfer students who are applying from other colleges should review the additional requirements for Transfer Applicants.

    Candidates for admissions are expected to present a strong B average and an SAT of 1100 (Critical Reading + Math) or ACT composite of 24. The applicant's character, personality and contribution to school and community life are also factors in the admissions decision.

    Essay choices for 2016 application:

    • Throughout Tanach, history and literature there are many examples of people who have prevailed in spite of, or because of, their imperfections. What is one “flaw” of yours that if given the opportunity you would not change
    • You are stranded on a desert island. Please choose one person and two items you would like to bring with you. Explain the significance and relevance of each choice.

    Applications for the Spring 2016 semester must be complete by November 17, 2015. Decision letters for the Spring 2016 semester will be mailed mid-December. 

    Deadlines and Dates. Applications for the Fall 2015 semester are processed in three stages:

    Application Deadline:
    Decision Notification:  
    October 15, 2015      December 15, 2015
    December 15, 2015          February 15, 2016
    February 1, 2016           April 1, 2016

    All applicants who require financial assistance should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by March 1, 2016.

    Applying to Our Israel Program

    Students who have been admitted to Yeshiva University can study in Israel for a year. Learn more about the S. Daniel Abraham Israel Program.

    Transient Students
    Non matriculated students seeking admission for one term only (fall, spring, summer) can apply as Transient Students.


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